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After you get an invite from your team and sign-up, come back here anytime.
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NEW Keizer Soccer Club Team Pages...It's NEW and it's called BonziTeam!

Consider BonziTeam a social media micro-environment. Kind of like Facebook--but just for your team; the players, parents, and coaches. Share information, photos, whatever.

  • Coach changed the practice location? BonziTeam it.
  • Mom took a great snapshot at the game? BonziTeam it.
  • Changed your phone number? BonziTeam it.
  • Found a great new soccer website? BonziTeam it.

What is BonziTeam?

Our software provider, Bonzi Sports Software, updated our software to include new tools for coaches, parents, and players. This new tool, which replaces the old "team pages" and "coach tools", is called BonziTeam™ and it gives your team powerful tools to keep in touch, share information, and coordinate activities easily. . . and it's really fun!

Can I find out more about it before I get my invitation?

Sure. Just visit www.BonziTeam.com, or click "Learn More" to visit now:

How do we get started?

When your team has been finalized by us, coaches and parents will receive an email at the address(es) provided with an "invite code", one for you (and one for your player), notifying you that you have been invited to "join" your team on BonziTeam™.

You'll be able to find out who's on your team, contact other parents and most importantly make contact with your coach right away! Coaches and parents join the team using your Bonzi log in for your club (email and password). If you wish to accept the "invitation" for your player, you'll setup a separate account for your player after YOU "join" the team.

Why separate accounts for parents, multiple teams, and parents of multiple players?

Using separate accounts enables Bonziteam™ to "tell" your team who is talking when you post information or make comments. If you are a coach with more than one team OR a parent with more than one child, you will have access to a "multi‐team" dashboard which consolidates all activities for all your teams on a single page event if those teams are in other clubs or sports who use Bonzi!

Where can I learn more?

For more information on BonziTeam™ and the tools available, please visit www.bonziteam.com.

What if I still have questions?

Need help or have questions about BonziTeam™? Contact support@bonziteam.com directly.